What Makes Hansel and Gretel Slot by Netent Special?

Are you a fan of fairy tales? Try your luck by trying a fairy tale adventure with the Hansel and Gretel slot at Netent and win real money.

Hansel and Gretal hail as the greatest fairytale adventure to rock the past centuries. It comes as the second series installation by Netent, which created waves in the gambling industry. To revoke the memories of players, Netent made a twist to the story as part of their creation of the Fairytale Legends: Hansel & Gretel. Despite little offering with the game type on the surface, you might be fooled with the first appearance. There is much to the game than the colorful display. The slot game features special bonus features with an easy payout system. Netent made significant transformations to the game to fit into a 10-pay line slot. This is in addition to special graphics and animations available at https://www.1netentcasino.eu .

How Do You Play the Game by Netent?

Fairytale Legends game of Hansel and Gretel provides a slot game with five reels with a 10-payline. Netent released the game back in 2017. The aim of Hansel and Gretel is straightforward, where you intend on matching symbols identical between the given lines. Players at all times are needed to make use of all the ten lines when playing at https://www.thewillowpp.com . However, there exists a wide selection of available values for the coins. Players can bet at any place between 1 and 10 coins for each line. This makes the game earn its appeal. It suits both high rollers and first-timers who are operating with a budget limit. An interesting aspect of the game is that it does not need to combine winnings from the first reel to land your prizes.

  • Fairy wonder spin
  • Fairy wild spin
  • Fairy surprise

Through any of the three in a row or other combination can do the trick. This is regardless of where the slot starts and features on the pay line. This is when it has similar symbols following each order is the only objective of the game. It means that exists may ways of achieving the three or four symbol wins compared to the normal machine. The symbols present a mix of the different theme icons deduced from the story line of the fairy tale. For small stake winners, players can aim at matching four different types of hard candies with the various colors. There are also big wins for high rollers at Hansel and Gretel. Through the logo of the slot, it offers large payouts.

Despite existing less number of paylines or common symbols, the game compensates with several added features and bonuses. Through this compensation, it makes the Hansel and Gretel slot feature plenty of game play variety. Take for example, you end up with stacked wilds on the screen, which could potentially cover the entire reel. In case this happens, apart from ending up paid for the wins, the substitutes will help in completing. You also get another chance for a free spin with the wild column, which remains locked. There exist three random special effects that can happen with the spins. Each of the spin comes to life through the help of a fairy that floats through the screen at the aid of the player.

Through the wonder spin, players can view between five to nine a sing of the game logo symbols which form on the screen in a single line. When this happens, it guarantees big wins. With the fairy surprise, the case of a spin losing can change into a winning symbol that chances to match the icons. With the wild spin, it results in creation of two stacked wild reels that add to the screen. Players can make the most of the re-spin following the first result, which has been added. There exists a treasure chest that can trigger other added features. When you hit the icons all at once, you can pick the treasure, which unlocks other three bonuses.


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